Vblaiz Biography, Awards & Networth

PublishedJuly 27, 2022 @ 8:54 AM

Vblaiz Biography, Awards & Networth 2022

Born Elisha Victor Markus and known by his stage name Vblaiz is a Nigerian Hip-Hop artiste from Jama’a L.G.A. in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Victor started music as a teenager, under the moniker Saint Vblaze, which he later changed to Vblaiz. He has released singles such as Hope Nigeria, Firewall ft. Nuhu of Stage One, Gayamusu. VBlaiz is known for his fusion of contemporary Hip hop with the indigenous Hausa language of northern Nigeria.

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Vblaiz’s passion for music led him to learn how to play the drum kits at the age of ten. Vblaiz attended St. Johns College, Jos, where he gained interest for dancing, singing and rapping. He loved rapping the most because it gave him the platform to make a positive change. Vblaiz is currently undertaking an undergraduate program in Youth Ministry at JETS (Jos ECWA Theological Seminary).

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As a youngster listening to his father’s portable radio, he was influenced by artistes like Eminem, JayZ, Kanye West, 2pac etc. His family later moved from Tudun Wada to Farin Gada. There he was introduced to a different kind of hip-hop by his new friend Aizek. Tedashii, KB, Da Truth, Lecrae, Flame, Trip Lee, JSon, Sho Baraka, Theory Hazit, Shai Linne, Dre Murray etc. became artistes that dominated his playlist. He was subsequently encouraged to start recording singles officially as a solo artiste.

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Vblaiz released a mixtape in 2016 under Diamond Pages Empire Records (DPER) titled Soul Upgrade Mixtape and in July 2022 he served us yet another power packed album “Dark Light”.

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